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As per the Gregorian calendar, the New Year’s Day is celebrated all across the world on January 1. It is one of the most celebrated events in the world. The people all across the globe celebrate this festive occasion with their pals, family, friends, and their loved ones. Some people like to celebrate this day in large gatherings while some people choose to stay at home and welcome the new year with their family. Some people call their friends and family while some people send happy new year gif to them.

People wear their best clothes on this event and children dress brightly. There are many playful and indulgent activities which people do on the eve of New year. The activities like singing, playing games like Tambola, doing bonfire, dancing, and attending parties are some common sights. Some people also go to the discs, do the tango in the clubs, watch a movie in the theatres, go to a far situated resort, enjoy delectable cuisines in a popular restaurant, and some people visit amusement parks and enjoy several rides with their kids. These activities are loved by the people of all ages. This is why on a New Year’s Eve you will find most of the places jam-packed and You will get a lot of traffic on the roads.

Here, in this article, we have listed many new year gifs for you, which you can share with your loved ones like your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, well-wishers, and other contacts. And we will also talk about how the new year is celebrated all across the world, and how significant the event of New Year is. Let us begin by talking about the Happy new year 2018 gif. And then, we move on to happy new year gif download where we will tell you how to download a new year gif. Then we will continue more on the gif, and talk about funny happy new year gif, which you can send to some of your witty and jovial friends and make them smile rest of the day. Next, we will tell you how animated gifs have become a new craze amongst the youth and other people, and how you can send happy new year images animation images to your contact list and surprise them. Last, but not the least we will show some animated new year wishes to you. So, let us get started and take you through the variety of wishes.

Happy New Year 2018 GIF:

On this special occasion, the people meet and greet each other. Some people who are not able to meet their close friends and their loved one’s due to the distance and various other constraints, do not refrain themselves from establishing a contact with them on this special day and extending their heartfelt wishes. They make sure that they wish Happy New Year to every person they know. The most common way to do so is through exchanging messages, greeting cards, gifts or parcels, and happy new year movie gif as a part of the New Year celebration. The print and the video media cover many New Year events that happen at various places and show them on different channels on the television for the entire day. In fact, the people who do not wish to go out and wish to stay in the convenience of their home, eye for watching these kinds of shows on television, and have a blast of entertainment and fun.

The large cities of the countries organize live concerts where they invite celebrities like famous actors, actresses, musicians, rock-band, sensational international stars, and other popular personalities. A large number of people assemble to join these shows. These fiesta times are treated as a great opportunity for the people to come closer to each other.

One of the most common things that come along with this occasion is resolutions. This has rather become an age-old tradition. Taking the new year resolution for the coming year is very popular amongst the people of all ages. To list some common resolutions that most people resort to is to lose weight, leave the vices like smoking and drinking, developing good habits, and working hard. Another popular thing you will observe is that people send a lot of happy new year gif images to each other through their smart phones. This is how people get connected to each other and get closer. Sending the new year greetings gif to the loved ones leads to the reviving of the contact with the friends with whom we wouldn’t have spoken for years. The thrust is on saying goodbye to the year which is going and extending arms to welcome the New Year with a new hope, hope that this new year will bring lots of happiness and joy in our and our loved one’s life.

New Year GIF for whatsapp

New Year GIF

New Year GIF wallpaper

New Year GIF Images

New Year GIF Greetings

New Year GIF Download

Happy New Year GIF wishes

Happy New Year 2018 GIF

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New Year Greeting with GIF Image

This was the list of some amazing new year 2018 gif for your contacts. As you send them these, a smile on their lips is guaranteed. Now, we will talk about, how to download these Gif.

Happy New Year GIF Download:

The New Year celebration is not complete without extending wishes to the people. To wish each other, different people adopt different ways to wish their friends. Some people aim to wish in a way which their friends remember the whole year. And, when the recipient replies with a compliment, where he praises the wish you have sent him, it makes you feel beautiful and elevated. Since people are so busy with their work life, they hardly find time to search and explore the best ways to wish their pals. So, for them, we have come up with the best solution. The sender can copy and download the new year 2018 wishes gif directly from here.

Sending new year greetings gif is the new and revolutionized way of extending the wishes to your loved ones. These are a type of images that are not still images but not video also. Since the technology is reaching zenith every passing day, this is the latest innovation. With this new technology, the tradition of wishing the new year is going to change largely. The days are gone when the people used to send messages through their mobile phone, and social networking sites. Sending the videos takes a lot of time and eats a lot of data. This is why the concept of Gif has become so popular. So, instead of sending images and messages, you can send these new year animated greeting cards to your contacts.

You can download the happy new year gif images for free. The WhatsApp users already use Gifs. The process of download of Gif is quite simple. The step by step process of downloading the Gif is given below:

  • Select the gif you wish to download or save
  • Put the mouse cursor on the Gif
  • Right click on the Gif
  • Opt for “Save as”
  • Select the location where you want to download the Gif
  • Press ok

And viola, you are done!

New year GIF Fun

new Change for Happy New year GIF

Leanardo Wishes Happy New Year GIF

Joyful New Year GIF

inspirational New Year GIF

Happy New Year GIF wish

Firecrackers New Year GIF

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Couple New year GIF

Countdown New Year GIF

Funny Happy New Year GIF:

Sending funny new year gif is becoming increasingly popular. In the current generation, most of the people are resorting to the Gif route. The youth especially prefers to send the animated images to their friends and contacts. You can see around that the people have now developed a fad for the GIF Images. And due to the upcoming New Year 2018, they are exploring different GIF for their contacts. Here, we have come to offer them some best Gifs. Below listed are the exclusive collection of funny new year GIF. Since we have already given you the process of downloading the new year gif images; you can go through the same and get to know how to save the same to your device. Then, you can send these to your friends and relatives and try to impress them on this New Year’s Eve.

This is a funny collection of the new year 2018 gif download. This is best suited for those friends of yours who have a witty nature. You must be having some friends in your life, with whom you forget everything, and have a laughter rolling on the floor. If you send these Gif to them, they will enjoy a lot and praise you in return.

We present you here some amazing or funny images. We are sure once you will send this gif to your girlfriend/boyfriend or your humorous friends, you will have the greatest reply. You can download them and then forward them to your friends, and they can forward the same to their list as this would be convenient to them because they might not know how and from where to download the new year 2018 gif images.

New Year GIf Image Wallpaper

New Year Funny GIF Image

New Year 2018 GIF

New Year 2018 GIF image

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Dog Funny New Year GIF

Funny GIF For new year

Happy New Year Animated GIF:

The celebration of the new year always remains on top of our list. The significance and the excitement of new year increase as the night of the new year approaches. All the people gather together to celebrate the festival collectively. The people celebrate new year all the night with pomp and show. The people are full of happiness and zeal. They send each other happy new year animated wallpaper too. They hope that every day of the coming year is enjoyable as the new year eve.

All of us are desperately waiting for the New Year’s Eve. All of us celebrate this day as per our choices. When all the three hands of the clock get together on the 12:00 of the night, the people start exchanging the new year images, wishes, quotes, GIF images, etc. to their loved ones, family, relatives, and friends. Some people like gif a lot. So, they prefer to send the happy new year 2018 gif images to their friends rather than sending regular images or messages. The GIF is the best or should I say the coolest way to extend wishes to people. A new year gif for WhatsApp can be funny, crazy, emotional, or of any other type.

Here is some of the great collection of animated new year greetings.

Wishing you a Happy New Year GIF

Party GIF for New Year

New Year Wish GIF whatsapp

new year gif

New Year GIF 2

new year 2018 gif

Happy new year 2018

Drink GIF For new year

Happy New Year Animation:

Are you looking for the new year 2018 animation? Do you want to impress your friends, family or someone special in your life? If yes, then we highly recommend you to use the new year animation video or GIF images for that purpose. Here are some fabulous New Year Gifs which are different from the regular images as they add some added animation quality. These Gif appear to like doing an extra activity which is enough to bring cheer to your loved ones.

Under this head, we will provide you an amazing collection of an all-time favorite Happy New Year 2018 Animations or GIF Images. You just need to save them and then send it to anyone you wish using social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, E-Mails or any other ways. So here is the best collection of happy new year animated wallpaper.

Wish you a happy new year

Stylish new year wish

New Year greetings

New year gif

New year 2018

new year 2018 wishes

Happy New eyar greetings in GIF image

Keep Calm and Happy New year

We have almost entered into a new year. The word New Year always excites us as we restart our life this day. So, with so much new hopes and dreams, would you not like to share the same with your well-wishers? So, what are you waiting? Select your favorite new year eve gif from the above list and start sending it to your friends and family. Happy new year!